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Today's youth, more than ever, need education and rewarding careers that will help the world move toward more sustainable lifestyles and greener economies. CITYGREEN aims to help introduce District students to the field of arboriculture, environmental stewardship, local food production, stromewater run-off reduction, and the knowledge to help fight climate change.

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The District Orchards Project in the Climate Crisis


In 2020, our focus on biodiversity developed out of a wider response to the Climate Crisis. It became evident as the planet warms, ecosystems and the species within them struggle to adjust to habitat loss and food scarcity. The District Orchard Project’s founding premise was in itself a response to climate change and issues of environmental sustainability. However, as the crisis has worsened, we are striving to improve wellness and food security with access to fresh fruits and nuts across the District of Columbia.

We came to the conclusion that private property is where the most trees and shrubs are needed. We had two thoughts, the District should be planting edible native trees equal to or more than shade trees, and District middle and high school students should be involved in every phase of the process. Fast-Forward to Summer 2022, we are proud to have partnered with The Monroe School, who's students are being educated to make sure property owner's across the District are thinking about what they can be doing in the yards of their homes, communities, and businesses, to address the climate change crisis as well as community hunger crisis.

We believe the best way to capture and store carbon and increase the tree canopy is to preserve native trees, all healthy planted trees, and stop the harmful practice of topping healthy leaf producing trees. Green Hero is a  program aimed to education property owners of the harmful and unprofessional practice. This summer students will have learn about how and why to choose native plants in general as well as about protecting trees from topping in particular. 

Please help spread the word! If you have questions or would like to support or volunteer, email [email protected]